Our project located at Inhotim, a contemporary art museum and botanic garden in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, Brazil, comprises two pavilions to house artworks by an international artist. A walled landscape integrates the pavilions, creating a sense of unity without compromising the integrity and singularity of each of the pavilions and artworks. The complex has four different accesses, respecting the nature of the site and the different ways to approach it. The walled landscape established an enfilade of different open and partially-roofed courtyards. These provide diverse spatial situations that mediate between the unique art experience and the natural landscape through subtle and enriching architectural qualities. The curved roofs create a transition from the exterior, to partially enclosed, to interior spaces, preparing the visitor to view and experience the art installations. Generous skylights allow Natural light to flow into some of the enclosed rooms/circulations. The architecture has a timeless tectonic presence, highlighting the importance of the art pieces within the greater Inhotim collection. This project is a direct commission and a collaboration between MCKNHM and Rizoma Arquitetura – Maria Paz de Moura Castro, Brazil. The artist’s name is currently withheld at the client’s request as this project is still in development.

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Rizoma Arquitetura


Mark Mueckenheim and
Maria Paz De Moura Castro

Galeria Lygia Pape

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