The building assignment for a new element in between the “icons of 20th century architectural history“, Mies Van Der Rohe’s Neuer National Gallery and Hans Scharoun’s Berlin Philharmonics, among other listed buildings of high importance, calls for a well-balanced urban and architectural intervention. While the surrounding buildings in the core area of Berlin’s Cultural Forum project an emblematic uniqueness, they also share characteristic and classifiable similarities. The typology of plinth buildings, with their differentiating, pavilion like superstructures, constitute the very specific genius loci here. Hans Scharoun’s vision of the “urban landscape” associates with this typology, which through the publicly accessible plinths, is not only limited to the exterior spaces but reach deep into the interiors of the surrounding buildings, further expanding the post-war idea of an open and democratic city. Our design for the New Neue Galerie Building of the Museum for the 20th Century (Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts) is therefore canonical and continues these very particular urban, as well as architectural, and programmatic qualities in a contemporary, but genuinely respectful way inside and out. The new museum mediates between the existing buildings while procreating a distinct answer, which confidently integrates into the ensemble, further complementing the urban landscape.

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and Tinkercraft


Mark Mückenheim,
Nicole Lambrou (Tinkercraft),
Tara Abedini,
Nojan Adami,
(f)Landschaftsarchitektur, Gunter Fischer,
ARUP San Francisco,
Felix Weber

Serlachius Museum Gösta

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