Memory Pavilion INHOTIM Brazil - This project is located at Inhotim, the contemporary art museum and botanic garden in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, Brazil that will also house other pavilion designs that we projected for Inhotim (see: Inhotim Limbo Pavilion and Heizer Pavilion). The project encloses a large sculptural artwork by the same international artist exhibited in the Limbo Pavilion. Thus, the two pavilions form an architectural diptych. The awe-inspiring art piece is experienced through three different but neutral gallery spaces. The pavilion provides separate access to these spaces and follows a similar approach to the other pavilion only that the surrounding spatial layer is more compact, thus more closely tied to the interior of the pavilion. This leaves semi-open spaces that provide shade, solitude and mediate between the landscape and the art experience. The pavilion features a similar timeless tectonic presence highlighting the importance of the artist within the greater Inhotim collection. Like the other pavilion, the project is a direct commission and a collaboration between MCKNHM and Rizoma Maria Paz de Moura Castro, Brazil. The artist’s name is currently withheld at the client’s request as this project is still in development.

In Progress

Rizoma Arquitetura


Mark Mueckenheim and
Maria Paz De Moura Castro

Schaumagazin Brauweiler

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