Our strategy for a house remodel unfolds and maximizes unused potential at a beachfront property. The house is located on one of the most beautiful stretches of the spectacular Northern California Coast in-between the Bay Area and the city of Monterey. The existing house was built in the early 1980s with a cute but somewhat old-fashioned cottage style appearance, which resulted in introverted spaces that did not take much advantage of its magnificent surrounding. The close collaboration with an open-minded and visionary client enabled us to propose a complete transformation through relatively small interventions. By removing a few crucial walls, our new design employs open floor plans which allow for a contemporary generosity closer to reflecting the very prominent location of the house. In addition with larger floor-to-ceiling glazing, the breathtaking views are now maximized in order to better capitalize on the amazing location. The exterior is also completely reconstructed through the replacement of roof-like angled shingle siding with a contemporary open cedar cladding that builds on local precedents. The wood will attain a beautiful natural grey over time, this weathered look is in line with the vernacular of many contemporary and modern buildings along the Northern California Coast since the late 1960s. The project is currently under development please check back for updates.

Under Construction
470m²/5057 sqft

Rizoma Arquitetura


Mark Mueckenheim and
Maria Paz De Moura Castro,
Hannah Moon,
Kawinthra Chongsuksantikul,
Maud Indiana Vikjord,
Yi-hsien Rachel Wang,
Jing Zhang


SIA Consulting

Loja Botânica

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